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California San Francisco
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Sunday, 01 April 2007
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Street: Broadway
City, State: San Francisco, CA

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Editor review : More Club Than Strip
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The Hungry I happens to be one of my favorite San Francisco strip clubs but I'll be the first to tell you that the guys I usually go clubbing with don't really agree. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, I like the club because it's more of a club than it is a strip joint. Yes, there are strippers on the stage but there's usually an awesome DJ, there's a lot of conversation going on and the drinks are usually strong enough that you actually don't mind paying club prices for them. That said, the stripping kind of ends up in the background when you go with a group. The other reason hat I like Hungry I more than my friends do is because I am from a small town where the strip clubs are totally ghetto and Hungry I reminds me of the ones back home. My friends are from college towns where there are more 'upscale' (read: boring) strip clubs so they say that the girls at Hungry I are more scary than hot. I happen to think that a black chick with a big booty and a bigger attitude is totally hot but that's just me.

Lap dances here are hit-or-miss; sometimes you get a girl that'll practically grind you to orgasm and sometimes it's a mostly hands-off affair. There doesn't seem to be a basic rule either way.

Cover Charge Paid: $5 or less
Lap Dance Price Paid per Song: $20
Pros: - Cover is only $5 if you get there before 8.
- Good music.
- Strong drinks. And a happy hour.
- Supposedly the champagne lounge is worth the money i you know what I mean.

Cons: - Stripping seems almost secondary to the club / bar atmosphere.
- There's not a lot of consistency with the lap dances so you don't know 'til your done if it's worth the $20.

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