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Florida West Palm Beach
Written by A. Colin Flood   
Tuesday, 25 September 2007
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Street: 2905 45th Street
City, State: West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
Hours of Operation: untill 1:30 AM
Phone: 561.616.9600
Club Website:
Cover Charge Peak times: 5
Can we say class? You know how TV and the movies always make the strip clubs out to be these hot, sexy, clean, modern-looking, busy places with gorgeous girls, who are never rubbing their rears against men’s crotches? You know the fantasy.

Good clean sex and lots of it and cheap too. While there are only three Rachael’s clubs in Florida. One here in West Palm Beach, right next to the freeway. Another in tourist trap Orlando and a new in Casselberry. Each Racheal’s is the very definition of high-class, escort the millionaire, courtesan mind-blowing and pants swelling fantasy. This is the place to see and eat pink.

Editor review : Top class
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Not just hot young pussy, but juicy meat as well. Racheal?s defines the upscale strip club in Florida. They serve the best in nudity, with several small and long stages going at once, plus also quite tasty, but not cheap, food. Bring the wife or girlfriend - you will be proud to show off the quality of girls and style in this place ? but leave the Harley at home.

This is the special place to drive your weekend car, or better yet, get the guys together and call for their courtesy limo. It is that kind of place. Wanna suggest a three-some? Bring the ladies here to get them in the mood.

Although not my favorite place in West Palm, (the Cheetah club off Okeechobee Boulevard is a pussy lover?s dream bargain!), this club is classy full nude, with the we-won-the-wild-west attitude.

There are two and three stages going most of the time, including during the lunch hour. You can sit right at eye level at the waist-high long primary stage or in tall bar stools right next to the dancer (my favorite) on the tiny little stages. Either way, you are sure to see plenty and the girls are easy 8s, 9s, even a few stunning 10s. This is the place for money. It isn?t cheap or dirty. Dress nice; the bouncers do and there are plenty of those too.

Racheal?s serves both liquor and beer. When the girls finish their dances on the main stage, they barely greet the customers. Usually it seems they wait at the bar and see who is coming to them. No matter. Plenty of other girls are wandering around, looking for private dances.

There are dinner tables in the balcony above and some counches in the walls around the back. There is a private room up top, on the second floor. I saw very few lap dances on the couches or visitors to the private room. It seems like this club is mostly for the sexy babes. The shows were never raunchy. In fact, this club is a great place to start an evening of debauchery. After warming up here, we often went to smaller, hotter places, where the girls were quite as top-notch, but they did more and cost less.

The girls here are all hot. Not all of them are English-speaking; quite a few from former Russian republics, but all good looking. There is a range of ages. Some are dark, some are blonde, quite a few are busty. None are ugly. The best looking girls in the West Palm area work this club. It is the fanciest club in town, but you get less action, unless you Platinum card can handle it.

There is no parking or fee to get in before 7:30, and then it is only $5. The food is a bit expensive, but also quite good. Better than any other strip club.

The club is quiet at lunch time of course, but usually one stage is going. I prefer the small stand-up stage on the side, because often I was the only one getting the girl?s attention. Nothing like having a hot young babe lifting her leg and showing off her snatch within an arm?s reach!

There are a dozen semi-private chairs in the back. There is often a free buffet for lunch.
Lap dances are $25 per song, with full nudity, but not much friction. This is not the club for the girl?s to give you a happy ending, unless you are buying them a new car.
Cover Charge Paid: none
Lap Dance Price Paid per Song: $25
Pros: classy
Cons: not as ruanchy as others
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